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Our Unchartered Waters white paper is now live and available to download. This new report from Omne, the leading foodservice agency, features exclusive consumer research. It reveals the full impact of the cost-of-living crisis on the food and hospitality sector – and illustrates the fresh opportunities for business leaders to drive growth through innovation.

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In the report, we identify five key actions that food and hospitality operators can implement to tap into the following trends:

  1. Quality is key - why premiumisation is an effective way for operators to tap into attitudinal shifts
  2. Demonstrate ethical and sustainable thinking - how this can pay dividends in driving loyalty and boosting a venue’s reputation
  3. A little goes a long way - how you can tap into consumers desire for something new
  4. Enhancing the value for experience - prioritise the most influential drivers of consumer visits
  5. Establishing innovative collaboration with suppliers - understand how operators can grow more lucrative relationships in the face of rising costs

Download Unchartered Waters to help identify new opportunities for growth.

This report is designed to support you, to best prepare for the challenging times ahead and share invaluable insight directly from those who are shaping it.

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